Our Turkeys


It is with great regret to have stopped producing Christmas turkeys after so many years and very sad not to see our friends and loyal customers.

We had to order our chicks in March.  At the time we felt that we could not guarantee to rear and produce a bird for the table as we and our help are very reliant on being fit and well throughout the whole  process.  It is a very difficult time for everyone.

I leave a few key points for choosing a turkey:

 *hen birds as they have a better bone to meat ratio. The birds should be about 21 weeks of age .Mature , well finished and tender , not too old. Mass produced birds are often killed when they are 16 weeks old and are far too immature and lack flavour


welfare  because it is the only way to keep livestock and  I think as a consequence it does improve the meat quality. Birds should  have plenty of space, have food and water available day and night and have fresh straw every day. 


*the best food available which is obviously more expensive but you can be assured it does not contain any illegal growth promoters or antibiotics.


Bronze & White Turkeys Grazing at East End Farm                    Turkeys Grazing in front of the New Inn, Roydon c1950


Charles Abbey,
1 Dec 2015, 11:35