Our Turkeys


We want to produce the best possible turkeys at Christmas this means choosing the best breed , using the best food, providing the best housing and grazing . After over 65 years of producing turkeys we are still striving towards this goal.

In the past we used bronze and white turkeys, bronze for the larger sizes, whites for the smaller sizes. In those days the bronze were long legged and poor breasted, they were phased out as the white breeds improved. This year we have switched over to Bronze only , having reared white and bronze feathered birds , currently we now believe bronze feathered birds are better suited to being free range. 

We have mostly hen birds as they have a better bone to meat ratio. The birds are about 21 weeks of age which is just right. They are mature, well finished and tender as they are not too old. Mass produced birds are often killed when they are 16 weeks old and are far too immature and lack flavour


First and foremost we always consider  welfare  because it is the only way to keep livestock and  I think as a consequence it does improve the meat quality. Our birds have plenty of space, they have food and water available day and night and have fresh straw every day. 


We use the best food available which is obviously more expensive but you can be assured it does not contain any illegal growth promoters or antibiotics. We buy our food from For Farmers, you can visit their website.


We do of course have to kill our birds and we treat this exactly in the same way, welfare first, we have trained and qualified staff who hold licences to carry out this work we are also inspected each year by DEFRA Animal Health , we treat this very seriously.


The birds are also monitored for disease such as Avian Flu and have been routinely blood tested, this has given us and our customers assurance that they are safe to handle.

Bronze & White Turkeys Grazing at East End Farm                    Turkeys Grazing in front of the New Inn, Roydon c1950


Charles Abbey,
1 Dec 2015, 11:35