About us

We are a farm business situated on the outskirts of the village of  Roydon in Essex. The family have been farmers of land surrounding Roydon   for at least five generations and each generation has reared turkeys for Christmas 


At East End Farm we have been rearing and selling fresh Christmas turkeys and chickens for about 65 years.


We care about the farm, the countryside, the environment and our livestock just as the generations did before us.


We only rear a small number of turkeys and chickens for Christmas the birds are looked after to a very high standard as welfare is priority.


 The photos below show our tractors and combine in preparation for a days work at harvest time. It is a busy time of year, gathering in the harvest, ploughing the fields for next year and rearing young turkeys and chickens. This year we are growing bread making wheat and oilseed rape for the harvest. We have an orchard of over 100 apples and pears with 30 different varieties. We grow cricket bat willows and Christmas trees, we have a small flock of sheep which includes Norfolk Horns a rare breed

We have a farm shop selling free range eggs, potatoes, fruit and vegetables.